The RATI (Rights. Action. Technology. Inclusion.) Foundation is based out of Mumbai and works to address the issue of violence against children & women both in onground & online spaces. It does this through a wide range of strategies which include providing on-ground victim support, building of networks, strengthening of civil society organizations and government systems, implementing tech solutions, conducting evidence-based research, developing accessible resources and training of stakeholders. We believe that safer communities for children & women are safer communities for all.



Aarambh India

Started in 2014, Aarambh India was India’s 1st resource portal on the issue of sexual offences against children. The resources are evidence & experience-based and target key stakeholders in the child protection system. The Initiative was awarded the Presidential National Award in the year 2017.

Meri Trustline is a helpline service for children facing online harms. It offers comprehensive interventions that range from flagging & taking down sensitive content that harms the child, psychosocial support, legal support as well empowering children & stakeholders with information that promotes safe & healthy internet experience.

We intervene in specific cases of sexual offences against children by providing legal aid and services of a social worker to look into judicial processes, long term rehabilitation and psycho-social support for victims. Comprehensive rehabilitation of child victims is at the heart of our case management program. We ensure that every child referred to us not only gets counseling support but also compensation, education and other services. Through legal clinics in partnership with grassroots organisations we also provide legal advice and representation in cases of Domestic Violence against women and children.

By working through research, we gather evidence from the field as well as existing systems and institutions. This evidence for the basis for planning and implementation of interventions and to advocate for necessary reforms.

We train groups including which include parents (from underprivileged as well as well-to-do communities), teachers, journalists, police officers, District Child Protection Units, students of social work, NGOs to deal with issues of violence against women & children in the on ground as well as online space. We try to ensure that the curriculum is extensive and covers all intersections, the delivery is context & group specific and take-aways are practical & measurable.





The RATI Foundation for Social Change is based out of Mumbai and primarily works to create spaces & communities both in onground & online ecosystems where children and women are safe from sexual violence. Towards this vision, we develop and implement a wide range of strategies including provision of on-ground victim support, working on digital safety, strengthening of child protection systems in government as well as civil society institutions, training of stakeholders, conducting evidence-based advocacy with policymakers, network building of organizations across the country, development of communication resources & research.


RATI is committed to demonstration & on ground implementation of national & international best practices in child protection. In partnership with the UK based IWF, we also run India’s first internet hotline to report Child Sexual Abuse Material found on the interent. A program of RATI titled ‘The Aarambh India Initiative’ was awarded the prestigious Presidential National Award for Child Welfare in the Institutions category.

Our Vision

Online and On ground community environments where children and young people feel respected, safe and thrive.

Our Mission

We build & leverage knowledge, technology & community resources to help children and young people overcome vulnerabilities & defeat sexual violence.



Uma Subramanian

Co-Founder & Director

Siddharth Pillai

Co-Founder & Director

Adv. Persis Sidhva


Salman Mujawar

Counsellor & Program Lead - Online Safety Networks & Victim Support, Maharashtra

Urmila Sawardekar

Senior Accountant

Christine Charles

Chief Operating Officer

Vaijanti Makhija

Program Head - Meri Trustline

Sameer Parmar

Counsellor - Meri Trustline

Dr. Nisha Bharti

Program Head - Research

Alka Dadas

Senior Case Worker

Adv. Pranalee Pawar

Senior Legal Associate

Nidhi Shetty


Adika Salunkhe




2 March 2024

Colours Cineplex & RATI foundation raise Sex Education Awareness in conjunction with the TV Premiere of the movie OMG

“We cannot be talking about sex and sexuality only when we come across cases of sexual abuse or rape. We at Rati Foundation run Meri Trustline 6363176363 which is a helpline committed to fostering safe environments for children, adolescents and women particularly focusing on protection from sexual abuse and harassment in online & on ground spaces. By joining forces with Colors Cineplex, we have a unique opportunity to amplify our message and reach a diverse audience.” says Siddharth Pillai, Co-Founder & Director RATI.

13 January 2024

Workshop On Justice To Juvenile: A Legal Insight

RATI’s Co-Founder Siddharth Pillai & Director Adv. Persis Sidhva were invited as dignitaries and speakers at the workshop by Maharashtra National Law University. The workshop was a platform for in-depth discussions on critical issues related to juvenile justice, enhancing the understanding, and contributing to the improvement of policies and practices surrounding juvenile offenders.

1 October 2023

Girl Stalked on her way to School, thrown in front of moving train in Bareilly

"This incident is a Brutal reminder of the price women in the country pay for inaction. Inaction leads to impunity. The victim did everything by the books - told her parents, took all preventive measures. This is a testament to the fact that systems do not act” says RATI’s co-founder Uma Subramanian who was a panelist on the show in Mirror Now.

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We are currently looking to raise donations for our direct work with victims and families.

The Socio-Legal intervention focuses on those cases where a child or woman victim and family have been rendered extraordinarily vulnerable on account of violence inflicted on them. Beyond just physical and emotional injury, the violence takes a social and economic toll on the victim and family. Such cases typically require greater focus, long-term engagement, and significantly more resources.

In the aftermath of this violence, life and well-being of victims suffers major disruption. There are families who struggle to provide for basic needs like shelter, health & nutrition, learning & education, caregiving even as they cope with trauma & tragedy.

Justice may be somewhere on the horizon but the need to ensure that victims can make their way to it in the everyday struggle. Your support can help them make the journey.

The Socio-Legal intervention focuses on those cases where a child or woman victim and family have been rendered extraordinarily vulnerable on account of violence inflicted on them. Beyond just physical and emotional injury, the violence takes a social and economic toll on the victim and family. Such cases typically require greater focus, long-term engagement, and significantly more resources.

There is no scale and you may donate as per your inclination. But just to offer some perspective, we present the following parameters.

Rs. 3000/- can help secure monthly socio-legal support for one victim

In the event that the collected amount manages to exceed the current needs of the families, it will continue to be disbursed to the families as a fund intended to provide crucial and strategic victim support on their journeys towards eventual justice & healing.

Since the entity is a recently formed Indian Non-Profit company, we will be able to accept only local donations. In case any of the people in your network wish to know more or donate – please do ask them to write to us at info@ratifoundation.org or call us on +91 8104461284

You can scan the QR code and donate using UPI to RATI FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL CHANGE

You can write a cheque in favor of “RATI FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL CHANGE” and send it across to 101, ACME Industrial Park, Off I B Patel, Near Fern Hotel, Goregaon (East) , Mumbai – 400063, Ph: +91 8104461284

In case you wish to make a bank transfer, please do send us an email at info@ratifoundation.org and we will send you all the details.

Please do note that all donations made are tax exempt as per Indian Law.