27 Mar, 2024

Adv. Pranalee Pawar

Pranalee has over 10 years of experience in advocating for the rights of women and child victims of sexual and gender-based violence, she has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by survivors. She is the Senior Legal Associate at RATI’s Socio-Legal Program working with child victims of sexual offences and their families. Prior to RATI, Pranalee has worked in key roles at organisations like Majlis & Sneha, Pranalee brings extensive expertise to her current position. She is dedicated to securing quality justice and rehabilitation for victims while also striving to foster systemic change. Pranalee’s approach extends beyond traditional legal representation. She provides direct guidance to underserved individuals, ensuring they receive specialised support tailored to their needs. Within RATI, she takes a holistic approach to addressing socio-cultural vulnerabilities and works towards sensitising the criminal justice system to the unique needs of survivors. Pranalee holds a Bachelor of Arts and Law degree from the University of Mumbai. Outside of her professional life, she actively contributes to the NGO Durgasakha, supporting the education of tribal students in rural Thane through tourism. Additionally, she finds fulfilment in her personal interest in trekking.

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