27 Mar, 2024

Sameer Parmar

Sameer is a Counselling Psychologist and has completed his education from the University of Mumbai. With four years of experience of working in the social sector, Sameer has worked with diverse populations, including children and adults from marginalised communities, as well as people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He is trained to deal with psychological concerns through therapeutic interventions like CBT-REBT, individual and group therapy, psychometric assessments, social-emotional learning and suicide prevention. He takes an eclectic, trauma-informed, and depth-focused approach to therapy, depending on the unique needs of the client. Above all, he prioritises genuine care, compassion and warmth. With the changing times, he is interested in the intersection of mental health and digital spaces, as an emerging field. At RATI, Sameer works as a counsellor at the Meri Trustline, and directly provides assistance to victims facing cyberbullying and sexual abuse in online and offline spaces. His interventions in the Trustline include providing victims with psychosocial first-aid, technical assistance, promoting digital safety, and supporting victims through the redressal and recovery process.

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