04 Jul, 2022

Urmila Sawardekar

Urmila is a seasoned Senior Accountant and has 20 years of experience in Accounting & Finance. She has a Bachelors in Commerce Degree from Mumbai University and has also completed her Government Diploma in Co-operation and Accountancy in Maharashtra. She has worked as a senior accountant for 15 years in the offices of Chartered Accountant M/s Mahesh Madkholkar and Company wherein she was in charge of finalisation of accounts and audits of various Companies, Hospitals, Partnership Firms, Co-operative Societies and Trusts. She subsequently worked at the Sapphire Hospital, Thane where she managed the finances of the hospital across all the departments. Currently, at RATI, she oversees finances across all programs. Urmila’s dedication to professional growth led her to excel in a six-month Paraprofessional course in Social Work, where she scored 89% in 2024. She’s also a proud mother of two, deeply passionate about social work, accounts and finance.

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04 Jul, 2022

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